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Holistic Education

  1. To provide students with diverse learning opportunities and experience
  2. To care for students’ growth
  3. To enhance students’ psychological quality and boost their resilience.
  • Help them adapt to secondary school environment as soon as possible;
  • Let them understand the convergence of the curriculum at primary and secondary schools;
  • Provide a wide range of learning activities;
  • Cultivate the students’ self-confidence.


  • To understand our new S1 students and help them adapt to the new school.
  • To identify students who need follow-up.
  • To provide guideline for students on school work and school life.

Target: All S1 students


  • Class teachers take care of their own class.
  • Class teachers chat with students to know more about students’ school life and family background.
  • Class teachers meet students at least twice a year and their conversation is recorded.

Class teachers also give students guideline and advice on learning, activities and career guidance;

Students who need follow-up will be referred to Student Guidance Officer or Student Guidance Teacher.

Whole-person Development Programme is scheduled on Friday afternoons, which aims at developing students’ five essential aspects, moral, intellectual, physical, social skills and aesthetic.

School works with NGOs to organize workshops, seminars and visits for students on particular topics, such as personal development, career counselling, life planning, emotion management, inclusive education, life education, positive psychology and sex education.

Other Learning Experience (OLE) is also arranged for senior form students in order to widen students’ horizons, develop their life-long interest and nurture positive value and attitudes.

This project aims to encourage students to study hard, actively participate in extracurricular activities and social services, so that students can realize their personal potential, care about society and serve others with their own strengths, finally broadening their horizons, building their self-confidence and sense of responsibility and reaching balanced development in the five aspects. Students can earn points through participation in five areas: moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic. The points can be used for plan upgrades and rewards. The plan is divided into three stages. Students who complete the specific criteria of each stage will be awarded additional merits and award certificates. In addition, every five points is a merit which will be listed in the school report. Students who obtain the highest mark in the gold star level of the Super Star Award Scheme in each form will be awarded Man Kwan Pak Kau Super Star Award and $3000.

Man Kwan Pak Kau Award is an inter-class competition which aims at promoting team spirt and unity in the classroom, as well as helping student to develop their potential.