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The ever-evolving technology has been improving our daily lives. We also arrange a series of rich and diverse e-learning activities during lessons. In a desire to get the students prepared for the change, we integrate technology Into learning in order to facilitate learning and teaching.

Principles in practice:

1. Students can learn anytime anywhere with a tablet on hand to break the boundaries and facilitate students’ learning.

2. E-learning and traditional teaching complement each other so as to benefit learning and teaching and enhance students’ learning effectiveness.

3. Adopting the ideology of “Right strategy at the right timing for the right task”, we can maximize the potential of e-learning.

Students’ aspects:

  • To increase students’ motivation and encourage students to be more focused
  • To promote interactive learning in the classroom, enhance teacher-student and student-student interaction
  • To develop students’ ability of expression using e-tools through conducting presentation
  • To develop students’ self-learning habit and capabilities
  • To master learning skills and develop self-learning capacities
  • To master the ability of information technology
  • To enhance students’ information literacy, help students identify the need for information and locate, evaluate, extract, organise and present information

Teachers’ aspects:

  • To promote “paradigm shift” of school education and establish a student-centered learning method
  • To eliminate the classroom limitation by using e-tools, enhance teaching and learning effectiveness
  • To give prompt feedback to facilitate students’ learning
  • To strengthen teachers’ ability in e-teaching

Parents’ aspects

  • To enhance parents’ abilities in using information technology and facilitate school-parent cooperation
  • To help parents understand the relationship between e-learning and students’ self-learning

School’s aspects

  • To provide e-learning’s facilities and equipment for students
  • To arrange teachers’ seminars and training workshops in order to facilitate teachers’ professional development
  • To cultivate a self-learning culture at school

We started to promote e-learning in 2011 with the aim of making a paradigm shift to the student-based teaching model. Through the convenience of electronic devices, we have developed a variety of classroom activities and effective evaluation. With regard to hardware support, the beginner class in digital learning, also known as the “Seed Class”, was implemented in Secondary 1 in the same year. The students in the class used e-learning tools in all subjects. The tablet used by each student could be borrowed from the school. We also used e-books and introduced the digital game-based learning model to enhance classroom interaction and students’ learning motivation. In light of the satisfactory academic and affective performance of the “Seed Class”, we set up the “TABLET Class” and the “iPad Seed Class” in Secondary 1 in 2012 and implemented the “Bring Your Own Device” policy (BYOD) in 2013. In 2014, we thoroughly implemented the one-student-one-IPad e-learning and BYOD policy in Secondary 1. In 2015,we even conducted an open e-learning class in one S1 class, which allowed outsiders to observe the lesson and exchange ideas.

In addition to the recognition of parents and students, we have also been acknowledged by the education sector and constantly invited to share e-learning in order to promote it together with other schools. We have also received funding to organize advanced IT education activities.

S1 Aegean Chow

E-learning is very nice especially when we are having lessons at home these days. I feel more concentrated during lessons because we cannot chat with our friends and we would pay more attention to what the teachers said. Our parents would also know our learning progress easily as sometimes they join the lessons with us together.

S1 Rachel Lau

E-learning is effective to me compared with traditional teaching. It promotes active learning. The images and videos help me engage with the study and understand the information easily and help me to achieve better grades, especially in English. I am weak in English but e-learning can help me a lot and I would like to keep using e-textbooks and e-learning resources.

S2 Ricky Lau

To begin with, I’m more motivated to study with electronic devices. It facilitates self-study and I enjoy E-learning a lot. Besides, it is very convenient – in the past, I had to bring a lot of textbooks back to the primary school. Since I lived a bit far away from the school, I felt very tired with the heavy schoolbag. Now, with E-learning in Man Kwan Pak Kau College, I only need to bring my iPad and stationery to school.

S2 Edward Chan

E-learning helps alleviates many traditional learning problems. For instance, I can check with the online platform E-CLASS to make sure I don’t miss any of my homework. Apart from that, it helps me concentrate because with E-learning, there are many interactive activities in class and I find myself more focused and engaging during the lesson.

S5 Winky Cheung

E-learning is convenient because I do not have to bring along my textbooks and notes to school. Instead, to meet the needs of learning, we have our own iPads and could make use of different apps to help us engage in the lessons. During class suspension on school days, teachers have held online zoom lessons and uploaded the videos and assignments to Google Classroom. We can still study at home without suspending learning. 

S5 Sammi Lin

When I joined Man Kwan Pak Kau College, the school was already adopting the E-learning model. This model steps away from the traditional one using textbooks and makes the class more exciting. For example, teachers can conduct tests in the form of mini games. This would let students be less reluctant to take tests.

As a result, this model has greatly increased my learning motivation as learning becomes interesting. At the same time, whenever there is something I don’t understand, I can use electronic equipment to find the answer, which is very convenient.