Special Notice !

External Activities

To tie in with the promotion of STEM education, the Education Bureau (EDB) organised the first “Student Education Fair on Science, Technology and Mathematics 2016” in the Hong Kong Science Park in 2016. The event was actively participated and well received by schools and the general public. The EDB will organise the STEM Education Fair again to further promote STEM education through the collaboration of professions.

Our school has always adopted “All are Educable” as the belief. Over the years, school nurtured the growth of students and has kept pace with the times. In recent years, e-Learning, STEM and Maker concepts have been implemented. Moreover, introducing the Deep learning 6Cs helps to enhance the development of students, so that students can show their talents in all aspects. The school hosts the School Maker Faire annually, which is providing a way for students to demonstrate the results of learning in STEM and the concept of Maker, and to allow students to communicate with each other and even students from other schools to share the results and experience.

With the development of technology, the entire society and information technology have become inseparable, and smart phones have become an indispensable part of everyone. Therefore, this programme is specially designed for the elderly aged 60 years old or above who have basic IT knowledge. It aims to provide them with IT knowledge so that they can master the skills needed to use electronic devices and applications. This programme has a total of 9 courses. By the end of the programme, it is expected that the elderly who participate in the program should have sufficient skills and knowledge to confidently handle the latest technology.

In addition, the application of AR and VR technology and social network applications are also the focus of the programme. We hope that the elderly can learn about the latest technology through these courses. More importantly, they will not become isolated due to IT problems. In the programme, teachers, students, and the social service team in the school teach the elderly how to use social networking applications, so that they can interact with the younger generation to build closer relationships and feel more love and care in the community.

More Information: https://www.ogcio.gov.hk/en/our_work/community/ict_programmes_for_elderly/

The project is going to run under the connection of school, community, people and also NGOs. Due to the well-developed facilities and excellent location of the school campus, under the help of different sectors in the community, classes will be held in order to promote traditional culture and enhance inter-generation communication Tin Shui Wai community.

Promoting tradiational and contemporary culture will be the main stream of the project, by setting up different classes and programs, inter-generation communication and social network is therefore enhanced, so as to build up social capital (both skills and social network) which would benefit the whole Tin Shui Wai.

More information: https://www.sunnyprojecthk.com