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Gifted Education


The tasks of gifted education are identifying and developing the gifts and talents of students in systematic and directional ways and providing them with chances of getting relevant education which helps them realize their own potential with flexible teaching methods and environment.

As shown in our motto “All are educable”, we believe that all individuals are born with their own gifts and talents. Through quality formal lessons, tailored training and sufficient chances, we devote ourselves to cultivating students’ multiple abilities such as creative thinking, higher-order thinking and critical thinking.

Level one:

A:Integrating the three core elements of gifted education, i.e. higher-order thinking, creativity and personal-social competence, into the curriculum of regular classrooms for all students.

B:Enriching and extending the curriculum of specific subjects, and differentiating teaching through appropriate grouping of students to meet the different needs of the groups in regular classrooms.

Level two:

C:Conducting pull-out programmes of generic nature outside the regular classrooms (e.g. creativity training, leadership training, etc.)

D:Conducting pull-out programme in specific areas (e.g. Maths, Arts, etc.) outside the regular classroom.

Level three:

E:Offering challenging opportunities in curriculum enrichment and extension to specially gifted students recommended by schools through services provided by or coordinated with tertiary educational institutions or other educational institutions/organizations commissioned by EDB Gifted Education Section and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.


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  • 女兒向來孤僻,不喜歡多人的場合,曾幾次勸她去外面補習,提升競爭力都被她拒絕。但中四下學期,她回家開心地告訴我她有了多個「私人補習老師」,之後每次問及她有關當前學習及文憑試的資訊,她不再一問三不知,心態也從容、淡定了不少。感謝學校提供資源令她快速地瞭解香港的學制,令她找到快樂學習的方法。衷心感激各位老師的教導。