Special Notice !

Principal’s Message


Mr. Wong Wing Tung, William

An extraordinary school year - New challenges in education

In the previous months, the world has been shrouded in the new coronavirus epidemic. We are facing unprecedented challenges and impacts in the education field. The traditional face-to-face teaching has to be changed imminently under the influence of the epidemic. There is a paradigm shift in the mode of learning. Online real-time teaching and video conferences are not subject to the limitation of geographical boundaries. Hence, we can achieve the result of ‘suspending classes without suspending learning.’

This is an extraordinary school year, with extraordinary preparations. The purchase of digital equipment, the installation of wireless networks, and professional training in IT teaching have become important tasks for every educator. Fortunately, being the pioneer school of adopting information technology in teaching several years ago, our school has developed advantages in the curriculum of Artificial intelligence, the use of e-books, online teaching platforms, and flipped classroom, etc. Both teachers and students can adapt in a short period of time to overcome this sudden challenge in teaching and learning and to achieve its effectiveness.

Connecting with your heart - Learning in new opportunities

How can the relationship between people be replaced by the Internet and computers? Education should be people-oriented. The essence of education is the chance of exchange through  learning and teaching, the establishment of relationship between teachers and students, and the interaction among students. However, as students and teachers cannot communicate in person and students should avoid from close contact, this becomes the greatest challenge under this pandemic.

With our caring school culture, we believe that the only way to break the regional barrier and maintain the teacher-student relationship and feelings is to communicate with every student by our true heart. We can help our students develop their full potential in order to achieve ‘All are Educable. All can succeed.’

New thinking in education - Future learning and teaching strategies

The future is full of challenge and the thinking in education is also unknowingly changing. A personalized self-learning platform, more learning and less assessment, online support from peers, development of common skills, sharing of learning and teaching resources etc., are the future direction in education. Although the world is full of infinite variables, our students can still gain from different valuable learning experience with this extraordinary ways of learning and teaching. With so many challenges in the future, we are confident that our students can overcome them and achieve an extraordinary life.

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