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Community Services


Social service program aims at nurturing students to care about the underprivileged in the community. Through organizing activities and visits, students have also developed different interpersonal skills.

We have been implementing multiple school-wide social service programs for many years and require students to participate in order to achieve their graduation. We hope that students can broaden their horizons with life experiences through social services, to understand the spirit of self-reliance, and learn to contribute to society in the future. In addition, in order to strengthen the implementation of the social services in schools, we have recruited a full-time social service assistant to assist in school volunteer training and contact outside organizations, which helps our social services develop better.

Our school takes part in many volunteer services, including elderly activities, ecological conservation activities, custody services, blood donation days, flag-raising, etc. Those volunteer services let students understand the spirit of helping people to help themselves.

In addition, each class joins two volunteer services each year. The services include visiting to kindergartens, homes for the aged, homes for the disabled, as well as childcare.

Our school has a social service team. In addition to participating in activities to serve the community, it also focuses on the personal growth of students. Participants learn to organize activities to serve students, schools, and communities.

S.1 to S.5 : 10hrs / school year

S.6 : 5hrs / school year