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“All are educable” is the school’s belief. We believe that every student in our school has different strengths and abilities. Therefore, we hope that through life planning education, students can acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to develop with their own interests, abilities and directions, so as to make wise choices for further study / employment and align career / academic ambitions with the whole person development and lifelong learning.

Our life planning education covers all students, regardless of their ability, ambition and grade. Our school provides different activities to meet the development needs of students at different stages of development, so as to train students to make informed and responsible choices about learning, career goals, and other areas of life, help them realize their personal potential, and help them adapt to the transition from the school environment to the world of work and equip them to learn for life.

After graduation, the alumni become the “sailor” of the current students. The “Life Planner” program successfully invited alumni from more than 20 different industries to carry out life planning work for students of the school, including disciplined forces, medical care, cultural creativity, entrepreneurship and other different types of work, to guide students in further education and employment. The plan can be further extended to the “Alumni Work Shadowing Scheme” in which students are arranged for internships with alumni’s companies during the summer. We also invite alumni to share the characteristics of different college disciplines, university campus life, and the nature and value of different industries and positions for students of this school, so that students can understand the achievable goals of further education and future practice. The participating students said that alumni could give them specific industry information and make appropriate suggestions for them.

Upon completion of Secondary 6, students may choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or a sub-degree programme at a local university or post-secondary institution through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS). Students may also consider the Yi Jin diploma or courses provided by Vocational Training Council (VTC) or other institutions.

Studying abroad in the beautiful campus, talking with local students and improving foreign language skills are desirable and excellent experience for every student. We would like to provide more overses studies information and advice to enable students to select their own interest in the subject to continue their studies after comprehensive guidance.

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In addition to providing sufficient information for students to pursue further studies, we also hope to establish an information platform on employment so as to take care of students’ needs in employment. We also hope that students will be able to understand the market’s employment information on different types of job search websites. At the same time, we hope that students can also seek advanced studies, such as obtaining professional certificate to enrich themselves, to have greater development in future.