Special Notice !

Deep Learning


Derived from the idea of one of the world-renowned academics Michael Fullan, Deep Learning aims at developing students’ 6C competencies – creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, character and citizenship. Incorporating 6C elements into our school curriculum, we believe it facilitates students’ self-directed learning ability through designing their own products and participating in different community services. Such a holistic learning process, from planning to learning, together with support from the school and the community, helps nurture caring individuals with innovative and decisive minds.

Through interdisciplinary learning activities and experiential learning, such as in-depth reading in Chinese, Food with Fun in English, hydroponics in Science, Consumption and Savings in Life and Society, project-based learning in Deep Learning Week and logical thinking classes, students are required to collaborate with each other, working on projects which benefit society, harnessing creativity and cultivating positive values.


I visited the Christian Homeless Association during the Deep Learning Week. I felt sad about the situation of the homeless, because we have our own home, clean beds and clothes at any time. However, homeless people can only live on streets and wear dirty clothes every day. This experiential learning has broadened my horizons on the disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong society. I think everyone should be considerate of the current homeless people, because they may have sad stories behind — some are disabled, old or weak. We can donate money to relevant organizations to help the homeless people integrate into the community. Also, we can be more empathetic and always care about them.