Special Notice !

Introduction of Man Kwan Pak Kau College

Throughout the years, our school has been adhering to the motto “All are Educable; All can Succeed“.


We are committed to providing quality education for all. We establish a holistic education framework and provide a wide range of curriculums and extra-curricular activities in order to create an ACTIVE learning environment for students, enrich their learning experience, and enable them to master ACTIVE knowledge. The rights and interests of the students must be respected so as to build a campus of mutual trust and love, eventually leading to a successful school.


The school embraces the teaching philosophy of “ACTIVE Education” to nurture students’ personal growth. Our aspiration is for students to realize the principle of “Everyone can be taught, everyone can achieve” through a comprehensive and well-rounded six-year learning journey that prioritizes the holistic development of every individual in all areas.

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