Special Notice !

Innovative Education

Holistic Management

When planning the school management framework, other than having the school management, school development and student development departments to take care of all aspects of the school affairs, we have also set up a Quality Assurance department to monitor the performance of various departments and provide information for reflection. More importantly we want to ensure that the school’s learning and teaching activities are in line with the school’s philosophy. The school also organizes various training for all sectors of administrative staff, so that the management philosophy and practice can be passed on so as to ensure the school’s sustainable development.

Execution Power

A team of dedicated and innovative executives is required to execute the school’s vision and mission. Apart from selecting talented executives through an open, fair and just selection system, we value the development of innovative management thinking of our administrative staff. We organize a number of joint-school administrative training every year, and we gather senior school administrators every week for a joint-school advisory meeting to discuss institutional and school developments. We have also sent administrators overseas to gather the latest information on education and management, in order to lead the school’s development and to strengthen the innovation and execution of the executive team, so as to plan the appropriate educational experiences for the students’ future.

Innovative Teaching

Our school encourages teachers to practise lifelong learning, to broaden their horizons and to improve the school learning and teaching development with the latest trends and ideas. We have systematically established the teacher’s training structure and objectives at school-based, joint-schools, local and even overseas level. The school establishes various training networks to support teachers’ innovative teaching mindset. Apart from the teacher development days and education value-added series, we also encourage teachers to participate in off-campus training courses. In recent years, we have created more opportunities for teachers to share and exchange with other schools, to meet different teachers from different schools to enhance knowledge exchange. We also arrange overseas exchange programmes for teachers and administrative staff on a regular basis to acquire the latest foreign teaching and learning information, to create a “learning school” atmosphere and promote innovative school learning and teaching. Together with the various caring measures and plans for our school staff, teachers and non-teaching staff are empowered to fully actualize their capabilities, so as to ensure each of our school staff will be “Able to Leave, Happy to Stay”.

Innovative Interactive Learning

Students’ learning process should include interactive, collaborative and innovative elements to cultivate their innovative thinking. The school encourages innovative “self-directed learning” pedagogy and promotes the Flipped Classroom. With the innovative teaching equipment and interactive platform (Power Flip), teachers can create short films on their teaching materials, so that students can preview them before class at home. This helps to enrich the classroom interaction, discussion and reflection, and transform the class learning into student-oriented, thereby enhancing students’ communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills as well as the spirit of self-learning.

Innovative Curriculum

The school is earnest in developing STEM education, to cultivate students’ creative thinking and potential. We will enhance students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills in different disciplines through different learning strategies, including systematically integrating curricula in Maths, Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Learning areas. We teach students to create Apps, 3D Printing and digital games, and provide them with more than 400 online learning platforms and various school-based digital games as well as other learning resources. We are emphatic that students” learning process should be life-like, socialized and thought provoking. We also encourage students to participate in different types of activities such as the inter-school debate competitions, STEM Fair exhibitions, project-based learning activities and Hong Kong / international competitions. Students will apply their knowledge into practices, and thus train up their high-level thinking, critical thinking and innovative thinking.

Innovative Advanced Facilities

In order to cater different innovative courses, the school must constantly optimize the campus environment and facilities. We actively cooperate with different companies, such as HP, Microsoft, Google, etc., to create the above mentioned multiple science and technology classrooms, so that the creativity of students can be fully developed through the most advanced and comprehensive equipment.