Special Notice !

The First Deep Learning Week (26 – 29/10/2021)

The First Deep Learning Week was held from 26 Oct. to 29 Oct. 2021 this year.

All S1 to S3 students have participated in different deep learning activities during this week. There were 16 activities for students to choose from, such as Latin Dance in English, Hydroponic Planting workshop, Floorball, Tie-and-dye Class, Making of Gurure Creative Robotics, etc. All activities were arranged in cross disciplines and cross forms so that it provided a distinct learning environment for students. Besides, the activities could develop their 6C competencies and prepare them for their future. Each student engaged and enjoyed the activities, and many students even commented that these interesting activities have improved their skills of communication, creativity and cooperation.

The next Deep Learning Week will be arranged on 29th November, 2021 We hope that all students will enjoy the activities and gain a fruitful learning experience.

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