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Thanksgiving Week 2021

Thanksgiving Week 6th Anniversary.
In line with the school motto ‘Truth, Goodness and Beauty’, the theme of the Thanksgiving Week this year is “Review, Prospect, Blessing”, attaining a more comprehensive and reflective Thanksgiving Week.
The simple but grand opening ceremony of Thanksgiving week on 29th November, represents the inheritance of grateful culture in Man Kwan Pak Kau College. We hope the students can embrace the blessing of gratitude. By living their life to the fullest and helping others, students can live a life of ‘Truth, Goodness and Beauty’.
10/12(FRI) marks the end of the Thanksgiving Week campaign. During recess, more than 10 activity booths, held by teachers, students, student unions, parents and external parties, enabled students to give thanks to people who are important to them. Besides, messages showing gratitude towards friends, teachers and family members were in the air during the radio show.
At the Thanksgiving concert in the afternoon, some teachers and students sang their heart out, using the power of music to express their heartfelt gratitude. Performers singing out of tune didn’t stop audience from giving rounds of applause. When it came to the end of the concert, all students voted for their favorite Class Photo and the award went to Class 4B. Those class photos are not only a sign of gratitude, but they also demonstrate the caring culture that MKPCers have always been proud of.
“Everything is possible to MKPCers.” We learn to express our deepest gratitude. See you next year.
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