Special Notice !

Authentic Learning Day – SmarTone’s “5G LAB@Sky 100”

Despite the epidemic, the Authentic Learning Day was successfully held on the 12th of November which our teachers took students on a live tour of SmarTone’s “5G LAB@Sky 100”.

The assistance of SmarTone has greatly contributed to the success of this event. As the first school to visit “5G LAB@Sky 100” in the form of a 5G live broadcast, students were introduced to the development and application of 5G technology in Hong Kong. With AI artificial intelligence, VR virtual reality, cloud, big data, image analysis, and other technologies, 5G network can be applied in engineering, transportation, medical, education, and other areas.

This event broke through the limitations of time and space. With the ultra-high-speed, low latency, and pan-connected 5G live broadcast, we successfully held a real-time voting session to collect students’ opinions and interact with them. As teaching is not only in the classroom but also in the infinite possibilities of technological development.

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